Monday, 31 October 2011

Nuclear Bombs

Nuclear Fucking Bombs!!!  Not just ordinary explosives like good old dynamite or C4 but Nuclear Fucking Bombs!  What the fuck were they thinking?  We are talking about a weapon here, folks, that could wipe a small country off the map and seriously irreparably fuck a larger one.  Setting off a nuke is almost the same as igniting a damn star only on a smaller but no less destructive scale.  Everything within a 50 mile radius will be completely destroyed by fire and brimstone in a way that armageddon would be jealous of.  Radiation would cause a slow and painful death for those who were lucky enough to escape the initial blast but survivors elsewhere would suffer the effects of radiation poisoning for generations to come.

But its not just the destructive power that make nukes suck donkey balls.  Its the fear of their use.  If you grew up during the cold war like I did then the threat loomed ever closer as relations between the USSR and USA fluctuated almost daily.  I got so paranoid about a nuclear strike the very sound of anything that sounded even remotely  like an air-raid siren used to make me almost shit my pants and that was in the good old days when I used to believe that our government would actually warn us of an impending nuclear strike.

These days though with all the black ops stuff and competing military factions as well as private armies and so called terrorists and the potential for false flag attacks, the fear of a nuke being used has grown exponentially and we wouldn't have a fucking clue who had really used it!

As of today there are 23,574 nuclear weapons in the world.  Thats a lot of nukes, more than enough to turn this whole fucking planet into vapor and snot and of those 23,574 nukes, some are unaccounted for.  WHAAAAT?  They lost NUCLEAR FRIGGIN' WEAPONS?  How the fuck do you lose  weapons that could seriously kill the fuck out of a whole country?  Just knowing that there could be someone out there swinging a nuke around like it's a fucking toy freaks me the fuck out!

Now I hear people say that Nukes are a deterrent and that we would have had many more wars if we didn't have them.  I say BULLSHIT!  There are wars being fought just to STOP people from getting nukes because maybe somebody realised that they are way too fucking dangerous to keep on a planet and that perhaps we should bury them all in a big fucking hole somehwere.

This is why Nuclear Bombs suck ass!  Just ask the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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