Monday, 31 October 2011


Tsunami's, as far as natural disasters go, are the most shittiest and spiteful of the shittiest and spiteful.  Not only do they arrive with little or no warning.  They then proceed to completely fuck up your town, city, village with absolutely no guilt or remorse whatsoever.  One minute you are sitting at home near the coast admiring the view, the next you have a thousand gallons of filthy water and a fucking SHARK in your living room as just about everything in its path is swept inland by a fucking HUGE wall of unstoppable water.

The Tsunami really couldn't give a fuck who you are, good, bad, beautiful ugly.  It will kill you just as quickly as anyone else.  No-one is safe (except if you live on a really high mountain) and once it has you, you could be facing any number of horrid deaths as well as drowning.  You could be attacked by pirrahna, crushed, impaled, ripped apart or eaten by sharks.  You could be trapped for hours in filthy sewerage before finally succumbing to the cold of the water.  In this case it is certainly better to be killed by the Tsunami first rather than last.

If this isn't bad enough, you could be dragged out to sea on a piece of wreckage and stranded for weeks, drifting around a debris and corpse filled ocean before being attacked and eaten by a giant squid that has risen from the depths to find out what all the fucking noise was about.

If you are lucky enough to survive and get to dry land you can be sure that Tsunami's effects will be felt for years afterwards as food and crops would not grow where the salt water had encroached upon the land, drinking water would be contaminated and bodies would be washed up on the beach with startling regularity spreading disease and contaminating the ocean.  If you are really fucking unlucky the Tsunami will fuck with your nuclear reactors, cracking them open and letting out tons of radioactive poison that will kill you and your family for generations.

This is why Tsunami's suck ass!  Just ask Japan.

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