Monday, 31 October 2011

Sharks and Why They Suck Ass!

Big fucking man-eating Sharks!  Mother Nature's way of telling us to keep the fuck out of the ocean.  The shark can sense even the smallest drop of blood from miles away and can home in on the electrical signals from a fish or man in distress.  Their most basic function is to find food, kill it and eat it.  Sharks never sleep and they certainly fucking don't do "Leisure" or "Me" time like candy-ass whales and dolphins, they just hunt, kill, destroy and rip and eat anything that even remotely resembles food.  Its whole body is just an engine to propel its mouth and stomach around the ocean at high velocity to find stuff to kill and eat and occasionally shag other sharks.

But that's not all...  The Shark has multiple rows of teeth which grow back if it manages to smash one out of its mouth while eating a boat.  It can live for a very long time and some scientists say that there could be sharks out there that are more than 150 years old!!!(Whaaat?  So now they are nearly immortal too?) Sharks can also heal from injuries very quickly if they don't get eaten by other sharks first.  Even its babies are cold-assed killing machines who fight to the death in the egg sac to prove who is the badassest-The winner gets to eat its siblings and make a tough reputation for itself before it is even born!

It has been said that sharks are not as intelligent as whales or dolphins but what the hell does intelligence mean when you are as hard and cunning as a shark?  Catch a dolphin on a bad day and he will probably just mope and go all emo on you.  Catch a shark on a bad day and it will rip you in half and eat you just to see if you were worth eating.

Now I'm not saying we should kill them all off or cull or deport them all elsewhere.  All animals have a right to be whoever the fuck they are.  Sharks especially, because they have been around for a lot longer than humans and will probably be around after humanity has long since passed.  In fact, because they are so hardcore there is a good chance that sharks will probably out evolve us and learn to fly at some point in the future, completely killing off humanity by eating us to death from the air but until  that time we should respect the fact that the ocean belongs to its creatures and stop fucking whining when someone gets eaten in half because they are swimming in shark infested waters.

From an evolutionary perspective sharks are magnificent creatures who have reached a high point in their evolution.  They live to survive and make no excuses for who they are.  From a human perspective they suck ass because it makes us afraid to swim in the sea.


Tsunami's, as far as natural disasters go, are the most shittiest and spiteful of the shittiest and spiteful.  Not only do they arrive with little or no warning.  They then proceed to completely fuck up your town, city, village with absolutely no guilt or remorse whatsoever.  One minute you are sitting at home near the coast admiring the view, the next you have a thousand gallons of filthy water and a fucking SHARK in your living room as just about everything in its path is swept inland by a fucking HUGE wall of unstoppable water.

The Tsunami really couldn't give a fuck who you are, good, bad, beautiful ugly.  It will kill you just as quickly as anyone else.  No-one is safe (except if you live on a really high mountain) and once it has you, you could be facing any number of horrid deaths as well as drowning.  You could be attacked by pirrahna, crushed, impaled, ripped apart or eaten by sharks.  You could be trapped for hours in filthy sewerage before finally succumbing to the cold of the water.  In this case it is certainly better to be killed by the Tsunami first rather than last.

If this isn't bad enough, you could be dragged out to sea on a piece of wreckage and stranded for weeks, drifting around a debris and corpse filled ocean before being attacked and eaten by a giant squid that has risen from the depths to find out what all the fucking noise was about.

If you are lucky enough to survive and get to dry land you can be sure that Tsunami's effects will be felt for years afterwards as food and crops would not grow where the salt water had encroached upon the land, drinking water would be contaminated and bodies would be washed up on the beach with startling regularity spreading disease and contaminating the ocean.  If you are really fucking unlucky the Tsunami will fuck with your nuclear reactors, cracking them open and letting out tons of radioactive poison that will kill you and your family for generations.

This is why Tsunami's suck ass!  Just ask Japan.

Nuclear Bombs

Nuclear Fucking Bombs!!!  Not just ordinary explosives like good old dynamite or C4 but Nuclear Fucking Bombs!  What the fuck were they thinking?  We are talking about a weapon here, folks, that could wipe a small country off the map and seriously irreparably fuck a larger one.  Setting off a nuke is almost the same as igniting a damn star only on a smaller but no less destructive scale.  Everything within a 50 mile radius will be completely destroyed by fire and brimstone in a way that armageddon would be jealous of.  Radiation would cause a slow and painful death for those who were lucky enough to escape the initial blast but survivors elsewhere would suffer the effects of radiation poisoning for generations to come.

But its not just the destructive power that make nukes suck donkey balls.  Its the fear of their use.  If you grew up during the cold war like I did then the threat loomed ever closer as relations between the USSR and USA fluctuated almost daily.  I got so paranoid about a nuclear strike the very sound of anything that sounded even remotely  like an air-raid siren used to make me almost shit my pants and that was in the good old days when I used to believe that our government would actually warn us of an impending nuclear strike.

These days though with all the black ops stuff and competing military factions as well as private armies and so called terrorists and the potential for false flag attacks, the fear of a nuke being used has grown exponentially and we wouldn't have a fucking clue who had really used it!

As of today there are 23,574 nuclear weapons in the world.  Thats a lot of nukes, more than enough to turn this whole fucking planet into vapor and snot and of those 23,574 nukes, some are unaccounted for.  WHAAAAT?  They lost NUCLEAR FRIGGIN' WEAPONS?  How the fuck do you lose  weapons that could seriously kill the fuck out of a whole country?  Just knowing that there could be someone out there swinging a nuke around like it's a fucking toy freaks me the fuck out!

Now I hear people say that Nukes are a deterrent and that we would have had many more wars if we didn't have them.  I say BULLSHIT!  There are wars being fought just to STOP people from getting nukes because maybe somebody realised that they are way too fucking dangerous to keep on a planet and that perhaps we should bury them all in a big fucking hole somehwere.

This is why Nuclear Bombs suck ass!  Just ask the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

WAR! Why The War On Terror Sucks Ass!

Raising The Flag In The Name Of Profit

War War War fucking war. War on drugs, war on terror, oil war, territorial war, war on Iraq, war in Afghanistan, war in Libya, war in Kuwait, war in Israel, war in Palestine, war in Iran, war in YOUR FUCKING BACK YARD!!! Look at this fucking mess! There is war fucking EVERYWHERE right now and it's threatening to spill into our own back yards people! That is especially if you live in a country that has large oil, gold and water reserves and a small army and you are a muslim. The evidence speaks for itself. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have all been targeted and if you live in a country that sounds like any of the above I'd start packing up and setting up shop somewhere far far away from those natural resources or you are probably going to get your face blown off, blown up, shredded, nuked off or knifed off by some trigger happy blackwater mercs on a guilt free killing spree and branded a "Terrorist" or "Insurgent" for trying to defend your own fucking homes.

Osama Bin Laden - The Scourge Of The West LOL!

Make no mistake, the powers that be will use any excuse to start a war with any country who has shit they want. There are no lengths they will not go to to incite public outrage at a foreign enemy in the name of profit for their corporations. First of all 9/11. The official story is a fucking joke, I'm not going to go into it here, we all know the story but an hour's research online will have you asking very awkward questions. Anyway, 9/11 was how most of this "War On Terror" BULLSHIT started. From there it was Saddam Hussein who was accused of having weapons of mass destruction which was more BULLSHIT as no trace was ever found by anyone EVER! They also accused him of genocide of about 80 Thousand people, sorry but thats fuck all excuse to go in and murder him, his family and about a million innocent Iraqi's so far.


Then there is Afghanistan, they went in there to get rid of the Taleban and find the elusive Osama Bin Laden, meanwhile while no-one was looking, they took over the opium fields and boosted production to over 500pc of what it was before the invasion, oh and they took over oil and mineral production too bringing in tidy profits for investors in the war such as weapons manufacturers pharmaceutical and petroleum corporations.

Then we have Libya, same old bullshit...  Oh no look he's killing his own people!!!  (and he has lots of oil and gold).  Lets go and liberate the people! (and the oil and gold)... and set them free from oppression! (and their oil and gold).

Colonel Gadaffi

Now they are targeting Iran because guess what? It has NUKES!!! and yes you guessed it. Gold and Oil. Can people not see a fucking big pattern emerging here? I'll spell it out for those who haven't got it already. It goes like this.


A large superpower with a failing economy needs an excuse to go and steal some stuff from a smaller and weaker country with untapped resources. They know that the public will never accept this so because after all they live in one of the worlds richest countries right? So the superpower uses its propaganda to convince the people that the guys in the smaller weaker country hate them and stage fake attacks and publish fake news reports about them. The public then become enraged and now want to invade to get them before they get us. Result! The superpower has what they want and now have the people behind them (well, in front actually as politicians never seem to get killed in wars, only regular people get that privelidge). This is usually around about the time they raise taxes and begin eroding freedom of speech all in the name of "National Security", which they would have had more of had they not begun bombing fuck out of civilian and military targets in smaller countries.

A Big Fucking Eplosion

Then there is the cost... Billions of dollars spent every day to perpetuate war and conflict to profit only a handful of already wealthy people when for just a fraction of the cost this world could be made so much better and the senseless loss of life and destruction of the environment could stop.

Birrions of Dorrars!

Yes ladies and Gentlmen, it sucks! I know it does but the worst thing about war is that people keep falling for the same shit every time and the rich get richer and the poor get dead yet they still lap up the propaganda and recite what the hate machine has told them.  We were also informed by George Bush Junior that this was the beginning of a war that would last at least 50 years...  50 FUCKING YEARS OF THIS SHIT! This is why The War on Terror sucks ass!